C. Bühlmayer, K.u.K. Hofvergolder

A family-run company with tradition
At C. Bühlmayer, antique frames are restored and also accurately reproduced with traditional and original techniques handicrafts. All carpentry, polishing, gold plating, cutting, painting and decorating work is done expertly at their own premises.

The imperial coat of arms that C. Bühlmayer is permitted to use guarantees the first-class quality of the products, which originally also satisfied the high demands of the court.

The interior design of the shop in the Michaeler passage has been kept in its original design in the style of the courtly fashion, in Laxenburger Gothic, on the occasion of the wedding between the Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph of Habsburg-Lorraine in 1854.

The service offer includes:
– Original, antique stylish frames from inventories
– Creation of stylish frames
– Frames in general, mounts, special glass
– Photo standing frames, fan frames
– Special frames for modern artwork
– Gold-plating, polishing, painting, fittings
– Creation of carvings and decorations, chandeliers, applications, overdoors, rails
– Restoration: Frames in all techniques including carving and decorations, fittings, oil paintings, pictures, sculptures, etc.

C. Bühlmayer

Michaelerplatz 6, 1010 Wien
Tel. +43 1 533 10 49
Tel. +43 1 533 10 60

Tue to Fri 9.00 – 18.00
Sat 9.00 – 13.00